1. PAID [PAID] five-banking | Prodigy / Circuit RP / Mythic inspired banking system

    👀 Preview Preview Video 💰 Buy Tebex Store 🤝 Support Discord Server
  2. Script 🔥 🔥 FiveM Police, Lawyer, EMS MDT | QBCore & ESX MDT 🔥 🔥

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** 🔥 🔥 PREVIEW:
  3. Bubble


    Im Selling my Retro Phone Edit for the QBCore Phone! If anyone is interested sned me a DM! Discord: bubbledude
  4. Soufiane_11

    Script [QBCore] Transfer Vehicle

    [QBCore] Transfer Vehicle Simple script to transfer vehicle form player to player. Dependencies: - ox_lib - oxmysql - qb-core Some Images: Links: Download Link: Github
  5. Soufiane_11

    PAID Advanced Storage Units - QBCore/ESX

    This is advanced Storage Units, you can create multiple storages in roleplay without coding and you can sell it or rent it, show the video to more understand. Some Images: Player Features: Transfer storage. Rent and buy storage. Open Storage. Show logs storage...
  6. Forlax

    PAID [QB/ESX] NoPixel 4.0 Inspired Gruppe6 Job

    GruppeSechs Fully customizable with the ability to do bank pickups, atm refills and much more, in groups! Everything is perfectly sync within the workers and you can configure it from the NPC coords to to the reputation gains, and missions and much more! Tasks are fully sync betwen group...
  7. Perfect_Project

    PAID Weed Shop Robbery V2

    Preview: Click me Purchase: Tebex Purchase Escrow: Tebex MLO: Free Tebex Detailed and easy config. (Change required items, reward items, reward money, heist cooldown, heist start and finish coords etc.) Including police alert Custom animations with focus in immersive roleplay. Option to start...
  8. Toasty2000

    Sales Selling my fivem scripts which are escrowed!!! - Really cheap send your discord!

    Also selling this script which isn't on keymaster:
  9. gtaagrp

    PAID LVS Clothing NoPixel 4.0 Inspired

    LVS Clothing - NoPixel 4.0 Inspired [QBCore/ESX] Elevate your roleplaying experience on FiveM with our Character Customization Script. This versatile script empowers players with extensive options to personalize the visual appearance of their characters, from facial features to clothing and...
  10. Script okokBankingV4THENEW

    [[/https://www.mediafire.com/file/glsa499g5dvl4rs/okokBanking_2.rar/file"]okokBanking_2]okokBanking_2 download: download
  11. Perfect_Project

    PAID PP Heist Bundle

    Purchase: Tebex Purchase Escrow: Tebex| This bundle contains: [QB-Core] Oxy Heist [QB-Core] Cocaine Heist [QB-Core] Police Truck Heist V2 [QB-Core] Military Truck Heist [QB-Core] Police Department Heist [QB-Core] Rancho Heist [QB-Core] Merry Weather Heist [QB-Core] Humane Labs Heist [QB-Core]...
  12. Perfect_Project

    PAID ATM Robbery

    Preview: Click Me Purchase: Tebex Purchase Escrow: Tebex Features: - Detailed and easy config. - Easy set up (drag and drop) - Option to start the heist only if required number of cops are in the city. - Police alerts - Fully optimized. - 0.00ms - Support. - 24/7 - QS-Dispatch/PS-Dispatch | —...
  13. mohssson1444

    PAID [PAID]STANDALONE QBCORE Full Server 100% Working FOR 30$

    Preview :
  14. Script IF MECHANIC TUNNING (Job mecano)

  15. Script Black HUD

  16. Script Nokta HUD

  17. Script okokBanking

    okokBanking_2 plz like this post

    ▶️ Showcase Video Features Easy config Full optimize Easy to use QB compatible When you die, your weapon and money automatically drops to the ground. Simple animations Purchase 🌎 Tebex Escrow (10$ + vat) 🏰 Discord Server
  19. tomoyukouuu

    Loadingscreen NoPixel Loadingscreen [QbCore]

    NOPIXEL LOADINGSCREEN qbcore based np loading screen TESTED FULLY WORKING
  20. santyjepan


    Hello I made a script to car spawn via item and so I want to put it for public ! it's a simple script which is also OPENSOUCE !!! You need ox_lib ox_inventory (it doesn't work for qb-inventory or anything like that)...