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  1. Persephone

    Car Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 C-WEST

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Model features: - Quality model comparable to the original models; - Own a collision; - Breakable glass; - Correct operation of the headlights; - Availability of tuning: = Splitter V-Spec; = Body kit C-West N1; = Body kit NISMO Z-Tune; = 5 hoods; =...
  2. Persephone

    Guide anti-bunnyhop

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Paste this code any client side Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(100) local ped = PlayerPedId() if IsPedOnFoot(ped) and not IsPedSwimming(ped) and (IsPedRunning(ped) or IsPedSprinting(ped)) and not...
  3. Persephone

    Script Core Logo Hud

    ✌️ Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Super simple clean information hud for esx with your server logo display! ESX Download Link:core_logohud.rar (83.8 KB) GOOD FORUMS🖋️
  4. Persephone

    Script Mb_notify [React Js][Notification]

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family ✌️ A simple notification script with multiple options Features Displays notifications one by one (queue) so they can be spammed Simple and Beautiful UI (Credits to Material UI library for react) Download Here 📍📌 How to use Client side...
  5. Persephone

    Script new_banking

    ✌️ Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ DEPENDENCIES [es_extended] v1 Final ( Link 29 ) [progressBars] Optional ( Link 21 ) [mythic_notify] Optional ( Link 15 ) DOWNLOAD 🏴 CHANGES Old Version 0.06 New Version 0.01 New Cleaner UI Everything Usses Command Configurable Mythic Integration...
  6. Persephone

    Inventory QB - inventory

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ 🎥video 📥DOWNLOAD ✔️VT GOOD FORUMS🖋️
  7. Persephone

    LoadingScreen Cuber Christmas Loading Screen

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ 🎥Video github VT GOOD FORUMS🖋️
  8. Persephone

    Job SP MechanicJob

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ 📥Download link: +(3).rar/file']download ✔️ VirusTotal:VT GOOD FORUMS🖋️
  9. ARaros

    MLO/YMAP Tuner Auto Shop

  10. ARaros

    Script crosshair_built_in

    Description Do you have a RP or Aim Training server and your players don’t know how to install a crosshair? perfect, this resource is for you. In fact what it does is to implement a crosshair directly with the NUI, the script also contains a menu for crosshair configuration with the ability to...
  11. ARaros

    Script [Library] Utility

    Hello VAG World, Installation Clone or download the resource from here and simply start it, nothing else Documentation The documentation of the Utility can be founded here. Snippets The Utility also offers snippets to help you learn as soon as possible and to speed up the use of the...
  12. Castillo

    [Function] Sell Wild Horse

    Sell Wild Horse Function [RedEMRP] Script checks for last broken wild horse, and the player can sell it via the function. Check the commented lines, it has redemrp compatible reward and alert system already. zelbeus/sell_wild_horse Sell the latest broken horse. Contribute to...
  13. Castillo

    Script [ESX] Multi-Paychecks with BT-TARGET and RPROGRESS

    ab7831cbcbe060b07e4abcf658b1f5c8a54bd219764×450 50 KB Advanced script for paycheck in any kind of job (in the video shown it was configured in the es_extended itself to get a paycheck instead of making it to the bank. You have to walk to the city hall and claim it, more interactive) You can...
  14. ARaros

    Car 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 53 Coupe [Add-On / Replace]

    Hello VAG World, Features : - high quality model - comes with los santos license plate style - working lights and digital dials - tuning parts available[engine,windows,etc] - hands on steeringwheel - steeringwheel turnable - lights don't tint - Analog/Digital dials - Ambient Lights...
  15. ARaros

    Car 2017 Nissan GT-R R35[Addon|Tuning|Template]

    Features: → Detailed models with complete doorsils and engine → Fully working:headlights, taillights,brakelights, reverselights → Fully working:steering wheel,, brakepads, digital speedo, → Fast & Controllable handling → template for making your own paintjob → GTA 5 plate → Tuning BUGS: IF...
  16. ARaros

    Script Rift-Scoreboard | A Clean and Modern stylized Scoreboard | Works with OneSync Infinity

    What is this? Rift-Scoreboard was originally put together for a separate FiveM-Project but we decided to release it publicly. The scoreboard works perfectly and can be very easily configured to tailor your needs. This script has been built with ESX in mind, can however be converted very easily...
  17. ARaros

    Script EDRPV3 Car HUD |

    Hello everyone, VAG Users, I will share with you the vehicle border of a very popular server. By hud does not work by itself. Add it to your own vehicle border. I wish you a good use... Credit:Almez Preview:
  18. ARaros

    Car BMW S85 V10 Engine Sound [OIV Add On / FiveM | Sound]

    Hello everyone, VAG Users, today I will share with you a tool that I really like. It's the BMW S85 V10. The car is nicely tuned and has a nice sound. The interior and exterior design is impeccable. I am sharing this tool in case you want to use it on your server. I wish you good use. If you have...
  19. ARaros

    Job [ESX]Tuna’s Truck Job

    Thank’s for checking out my latest release ! I hope you enjoy PREVIEW DOWNLOAD -----------------------------------------------------REQUIREMENTS----------------------------------------------------- 1.) ESX (No job required) 2.)progressbar TO GET STARTED → 1.) Simply upload TunasTruckJob to...
  20. ARaros

    Script renzu_contextmenu - Simple UI with GUI Sound | Event/Export Firing Menu

    FIVEM - CONTEXTMENU NUI. Targeting or Other Interaction Purpose FEATURE Multiple Submenu Easy Implementation Clean UI GUI Sounds (optional) Whitelisted Events (optional) Easy to integrated to Any Target Script Trigger Export Trigger Client or Server Pass Any Arguments as optional to the...