1. sh4dow_g2

    Request Or-PixelHouse (Housing Script)

    If anyone has this script open source, send it my way. Currently they use "or-lib" which is obfuscated. If you send me the script I will update the script so it works without or-lib and fully standalone and open source.. I will then share for the forums to use for free...
  2. EZYKE

    Script TGIANN Radio V2

    TGIANN Radio Version 2.0 Thanks: Download here Virustotal: Link
  3. chloesmith04x

    PAID [PAID] QS-Housing 3.0 (Updated Version) 60€

    Introduction. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of home creation with Quasar Housing 3.0! This revolutionary version allows you to bring your architectural dreams to life with an unparalleled level of detail and customization. Are you ready to take your server to the next level? Can you...
  4. KemalSonerCan

    Script FiveM Car Color | SCRİPT ( ESX/QB )

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ****** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  5. edeverce

    PAID [STANDALONE] Notify & Text UI

    📝 Product Description These are two separate scripts combined in one video. Notify Upgrade your server with our modern notify script! This script offers you customizable, more modern notifications designed to improve the user experience. Get your player's attention with stylish and efficient...
  6. grootxdev

    PAID Advanced scoreboard with player information and job counts and heists

    ![g-scoreboardV2-re|689x388](upload://7WWNRsYZbDENo1rmghphSXiLbl8.jpeg) [g-scoreboardV2] [ESX - QBCore] Advanced scoreboard with player information and job counts and heists. Features Multi-Language - easily change the language via the config. My Information - shows the information of the...
  7. edizgraphics

    PAID Turbo Scripts | Luki-ServerGuide BOT

    Luki Bot ; - You can customize and add as many questions as you like for Luki Bot to answer. - Luki can generate hundreds of different responses based on its infrastructure and can handle various question patterns. - You can teach Luki alternate versions of questions to improve its responses. -...
  8. nakktrophy

    Sales Selling KEYMASTER SCRIPT

    Hii I Want To Sell My KeyMaster Scripts And Maps You Can Check The Image You can see the picture above If Your Interested You Can Contact Me Via Discord: lyynakkanna Or You Can Join Our Discord Server And Open Ticket: Join the Trio >3 Discord Server! And Here Are The Scripts In The List And...
  9. Perfect_Project

    Script [QB-Core][Free[ Luxury Vehicle Rental

    Preview: Click Me Download: Tebex (109.8 KB) Features: - Detailed and easy config. - Easy set up (drag and drop) - Fully optimized. - 0.01ms - Support. - 24/7 Perfect Project Summer Sale! All our products until the end of summer (01.09.2024) at a 50% discount!
  10. sanmeetsingh

    Script No Pixel 4.0 Radio | Full Working!!

    Preview - Download Link - *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ****** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  11. Script [OPEN SOURCE] All Waasabi Scripts A l'intérieur vous avez : - Menu administrateur - Travail d'ambulance - Pilote automatique - Sac à dos - Marché noir - Carlock - Béquille - Goutte de la mort - Ascenseurs - Preuves - Pêche - Exploitation minière - Multi-emplois - NFC - Magasins OX - Accessoires pour...

    Hello Vag World Today im presenting over 100 Scripts for sale with 50 % Off. The reason is that i left Fivem World and i dont intend to go back cuz of my real life duty. So here i post some of them. Fell free to reply back if you are interested. If you buy over 4 of them i can make extra...
  13. Dking

    Request Anti Bump Script

    someone has?
  14. grootxdev


    Jobs Duty System A duty script for a FiveM server that easily maintains player job duty hours Requirements: oxmysql ox_lib ox_target Supported Framework: ESX Features Custom UI Configurable Optimized Can add multiple duty jobs Can add multiple off/one duty menu locations/coordinates...
  15. Script VAR-Fleeca Bank

    Fleeca Bank Heist
  16. atorcam

    Sales [PAID] Aireves HUD - QBCore

    At the Aireves hud we have been concerned so that the user has the best possible experience with this hud, which in the end is what you have to see all the time. This hud carries several things: Aireves Tebex Store AiReves Hud is a very customizable hud, which you can easily change the...
  17. Script ATM Robbery Script

    ATM Robbery Script Virus Total: VirusTotal
  18. Script Cayo Airplane NPC Pilot Script

    Cayo Airplane NPC Pilot Script
  19. Script Origen Police ESX Version leak

    Origen Police leak [ESX VERSION] VIRUS TOTAL: VirusTotal
  20. aviv354

    Script gfx-vote | source code free!!!