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  1. PAID [PAID] [3€] phoneContract

    Hey and welcome to phoneContract! Features Automatic phone contract payments with configurable account Highly Configurable Preconfigured language packages Using FiveM Escrow Localization English German French Spanish Price 3.00€ + tax You can get this script in my store...
  2. Script Scar17 FlufflyMods

    I found this in some leakers servers in discords, its new model of Fluffly Scar17 Resource Download: Scar17 Mega Resource Preview:
  3. sachu

    Script SY_Territories | Circle zone | Territories with Drugs System(Weed,Meth, Cocaine, Money Wash) oxmysql

    Video 1:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG1FO... video 2 :-https://youtu.be/3El49H7CMKo To get script join to Discord Discord: https://discord.gg/NbtEXDRurX Fivem Forum :https://forum.cfx.re/t/sy-territories... -- This is a Custom territories with drug system. -- Easy Configurable. --...
  4. Script qb-apartments

    # qb-apartments Brichka Apartments A script that was programmed with qb-radialmenu # Screenshots # download *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  5. Request I need this script

    Hey guys, i need this script, can someone get it for me? I have other scripts to exchange if they get me Thanks a lot !
  6. viber

    PAID (FiveM) Motel Script with Tier System [QB][ESX][PAID][OPEN SOURCE]

    Hello guys, I thought while sitting today and decided to make a motel script with tier system. I hope you like it. You can upgrade your room and storage tier in the script. As you increase the room tier, the interior of your room changes. You can also change your stash options as you increase...
  7. H&N CORE


    - Introduce About The H&N LOADING SCREEN V1.0 Welcome to H&N LOADING SCREEN V1.0 Developed By H&N CORE. H&N LOADING SCREEN is the thing your server needs. With fully customizable, beautiful UI, loading bar, the player Steam profile (name and avatar)… - Features: Easy Edit, Settings Nice...
  8. swkeep

    Script [QBcore] crafting system - keep-crafting

    a free crafting script made for qbcore. Features permanent items in crafting recipes players can see props on workbench if specified restrict workbenches & items by jobs/grades restrict items by crafting level support for different workbench props give crafting information to players by...
  9. proportions

    Script [FREE] qb-jobmenu , A simple adjustable job menu

    Hi folks, I want to share a script with you guys what i have recently finished which can replace the radialmenu. It's a really simple configurable job menu system where you can simply add a menu, submenu, triggers from the config file. The menu is available in Dutch, Turkish and English...
  10. Z1rtoz

    Script Core Hud

    https://mega.nz/file/b40CFJpQ#gT5HCLFG9Tj1fMcX4dGpqYnVnLVBJTGMJOmeuUT4Hpw https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/08af805364904b36d2911fa8f369322b47be8df210846bc8b09d2ef5c547882f
  11. Sykeee

    PAID Solar Scoreboard [ ESX ]

    Selling Solar Scoreboard for $15, DM to buy LUCIFER#8095
  12. PAID [ESX] Teleport with PIN

    Teleport from one location to the other using a PIN. Can be used to stores or houses in your FiveM server. Preview (not yet) Contains: Configurable and unlimited locations Configurable markers Configurable PIN (for each teleport different) Configurable name location Script encrypted with...
  13. swkeep

    Script [QB] qbcore pet system

    a free companion script for QBCore, pets are stored as items inside your inventory, and after they are out, there is a menu to control them. owners should take care of their pets. (food, water, and health) open the menu by pressing ‘o’. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to...
  14. victorBOY_ZX

    PAID [PAID][ESX][QBCore] Car Air Suspension with control

    [PAID][ESX][QBCore] Car Air Suspension with control Realistic car air suspension with unique control for each car Features Fully configurable + translations Unique control for each car Fully sync with all players Save the infos on database, for set when server restarts and take vehicle from...
  15. KemalSonerCan

    Script FiveM | Mini Golf Script and Ymap

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7cad1a577cebea0a7acfe57121093b356567da83eeea3ce6af0fc56264cafd8c?nocache=1
  16. IQ-MODY

    Request convert RageUI

    Hello, I have a script that uses [ RageUI ] and I want to convert it to [ esx_menu_default ] , Can someone help me : If you can convert it, I will pay a sum of money for you send ur Discord Tag Down : 👇
  17. EmreGnn

    Request I'm Looking For Inventory For My Zombie Server

    Merhaba, bir zombi sunucusu açmayı planlıyorum, envantere ihtiyacım var, yardımcı olabilir misiniz Hello, I'm planning to open a zombie server, I need inventory, can you help Discord: 'Clexyn&Prada†#6300
  18. IQ-MODY

    Request Need SQZ-DUTY

    Hi guys , any one have this script? : Cfx Forum Post - [RELEASE] [ESX] SQZ_DUTY - Advanced duty script Tebex Package - https://sqz.tebex.io/package/4578545 YouTube Showcase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW2Qk9QjnRo
  19. KappaAppak

    Script [esx_vigneronjob]

    [Resource Name] esx_vigneronjob [Preview] None [Download] *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  20. KappaAppak

    Script [ESX_SOCIETY]

    [Resource Name] ESX_SOCIETY [Preview] None [Download] *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***

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