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fivem guide

  1. Ares

    Guide Preventing helmet wear

    hello vag forum users, I will tell you the solution to a problem I encountered today. The players on the server were giving the engine a separate helmet when they knew it, so I used a code block to prevent this and I wanted to share it with you, I hope it will be useful for you. #It will be...
  2. Persephone

    Guide anti-bunnyhop

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Paste this code any client side Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(100) local ped = PlayerPedId() if IsPedOnFoot(ped) and not IsPedSwimming(ped) and (IsPedRunning(ped) or IsPedSprinting(ped)) and not...
  3. Ares

    Guide OneSync: What is Infinity?

    First of all, Hello VAG Forum users. I don't know much about infinity, a few friends were wondering, so when I did some research, I found these notes on the internet, I don't know how true they are, I wanted to share them with you. OneSync: What is Infinity? A mod that currently allows 1024...
  4. Ares

    Guide Fi̇vem (Needs To Set Sv_projectname/sv_projectdesc) Eroor

    Helo VAG Forum Members My server does not appear in the server list, we cannot find our name, good forums, where I will explain the solution of the error What you need to do is to open and update your server.cfg file sv_hostname "your server name" sets sv_projectName " ...... Roleplay "...
  5. Ares

    Guide Mumble-voip Installation - Radio - Phone Integration

    Hello Features: Mumble-voipe is an add-on to your in-game voice chat. It offers a faulty performance with 16D sound quality. A joy alternative for those who are not interested in Teamspeak servers. Setup: First of all, we download the necessary files from the two links below. Mumble-voip is...
  6. Ares

    Guide DATABASE/SQL Getting the Backup

    Hello VAG MEMBERS. Today, I will share the guide of the topic that has been asked many times in our forum, but the guide has not been shared.. (TAKING BACKUP DATABASE) Step 1: We Login to Heidisql Application.. Step 2: Select the database where the database is installed and right click on it...
  7. Ares

    Guide Handling How To Set Up? Detailed Explanation.

    Hello, On the FiveM platform, we will talk about vehicle handling that most people are curious about but cannot do because they do not know how to do it. I learned how to adjust the handling by trial and error on my own. Since there is no Turkish knowledge, I wanted to convey them to you. First...
  8. Ares

    Guide Log Keeping Through Webhook

    Hello I will teach you to keep a log of the data you want of any plugin. If you don't think your knowledge is enough, I recommend you to make a backup of the plugin. The function I will share is not a plugin, it does not work with copy paste logic. You need to adapt the log according to the...
  9. Ares

    Guide 1. Clientside Optimization (FPS++) | A Simle Method Expression

    Hello there, There was a place where I explained how ClientSide and ServerSide can be optimized before. but I thought my explanation was insufficient and I opened this issue. What is the Event of the Optimization We Will Do?: We will use the code or code blocks for optimization of triggers...
  10. Ares

    Guide Average Bank Panel

    #One Greetings are suitable for today simple I am in terms of tools still a solution in most cases regarding my solution Be a little student at the bottom or you can have a good day this video Step 1 | We find and open the CSS file of our bank script Step 2 | We use the CTRL + F combination...
  11. Ares

    Guide End Fivem FPS Drop

    Pouch Good Forums I want to share with you the solution of the FPS drop problem that I researched and found Normally I Get Stable 60 FPS And Occasionally Drops After Making This Optimization, I Got 30 FPS More And It Was 90 FPS But I Think You Will Increase By 20 FPS Guaranteed Note: ( Take a...
  12. Ares

    Guide Fixing Esx_Lscustom Society Problem

    Hello Everyone, I'm Gonna Tell You Now, The Incident Happened To Me Anyway, I'll Quickly Write The Solution To You First we go to esx_lscustom>server>main and then we find the following line of code if price < then TriggerClientEvent('esx_lscustom:installMod'...
  13. Ares


    CONSOLE COMMANDS Console commands allow configuring a server directly from the server console screen, using an Rcon tool. start <FileName> Starts the specified resource if you haven't started the file from server.cfg or if it has been stopped before. Sample; stop <FileName> Allows you to...
  14. Rezox

    Guide Fivem What Is Pk Why Is Pk Done

    Hello, as a result of many people's research about pk, I decided to open this guide. I hope after reading the guide what is the pk on your mind what is it for pk for what I will answer questions such as What is PK PK stands for Short Term Memory Loss in FiveM roleplay terms. But on some...
  15. ARaros

    Guide Oto SQL Convert S4-Converter

    Individually Scrips Such a site was made because it was tiring to convert mysql to ghmatt. I am sharing this site with you because i think it will be useful for many of you. You can convert your script from mysql to ghmatt also You can also convert from ghmatti to mysqle its reverse...
  16. Rezox

    Guide Blip On And Off F3 Radial Menu Integrated

    You download the script from this topic and start it from server.cfg. Now let's come to the f3 integrated.. For f3 integration, it is sufficient to enter the config file of the f3 menu. You add this line of code to the bottom of config.lua. Then you paste this line of code in the...
  17. Rezox

    Guide Fivem Pvp Terms

    Fivem Bringing E-Sports to the World, Turkish Academy has now migrated to the new system as an overseas PVPRP server. Some PVP Terms Are Asked In The Forum Given While Entering The Server, What Are They? Most of you already have RP background, but there are some terms for PVP that you need to...